There’s very few artists out there that create music from deep within their souls like it’s their god-given purpose. Astara is such an artist. She has been passionately penning her spellbinding melodies for some time now. Her heartfelt ballads take us on a journey through emotion-dripped bliss, as we explore a dazzling range of feelings good and bad. She weaves enchanting soundscapes that push the boundaries of creativity and invoke deep, soul-stirring emotions in the listener.

She began writing songs after her brother passed away and she decided to create an album as a tribute to him. The singer picked up a guitar, started writing lyrics and has been at it ever since. Her songs dive deep into her innermost thoughts and feelings and show her at her most vulnerable. Often touching on the struggles she’s currently going through, with the aim of touching the hearts of her listeners with every track. Music has always acted as a safe space for her where she can bare her soul for all the world to see.


She hopes for her music to connect with others and deeply relate to them through her rich, story-driven and heartfelt songs.

The singer is currently working on her album that will feature eleven of her best songs. In the meantime she’s been releasing a steady flow of stunning singles that have seen her grow a small but dedicated following worldwide.


Music for her has always been a deeply healing process and she sees music as the best way to express what she’s truly feeling.  With her mesmerizingly soft and show-stopping vocal delivery, she manages to really paint a perfect picture of the ups and downs of her life journey.

"We’ve had amazing female solo talent grace our platform over many years. But it’s rare that we run into an artist that is truly versatile, with music that is surreal from the very first listen. Astara is one of those rare occasions with her newest single, “Take Me Higher”.  

Review by Justyn Brodsky,  Artists Reach 


The whole release is emotionally focused on this idea of take me higher, so that intimacy, that personal touch, and the fact that the composition has been so professionally and thoughtfully crafted, means that as a listener you get to share in this sentiment and this feeling of rising up to more hopeful plains of possibility.


Review by Rebecca Cullen - Stereo Stickman